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Notes de Conférences 1986 de Gaëtan BLOOM (en anglais)


2e notes de conférence en anglais de Gaëtan BLOOM avec 9 tours expliqués publiées en 1986.

Superbes illustrations de James HODGES.
Un PDF de 35 pages plein de merveilles ! :)



9 tours illustrés de superbes dessins de James HODGES

Paddlock connection

You show a piece of rope, throw the center of the rope in your back, and tie the two ends in front of your chest. You face the audience, take out from your outside pocket, a small paddlock, show it, and visibly throw it in your back, over your left shoulder.
The audience see it clearly going in your back, but instead of falling on the floor, the paddlock seems to have vanished. You pause and smile and slowly turn your back to the audience who realise that the paddlock is now safety hooked on the rope.
You rise the rope from your body and give the rope and the paddlock for examination!

The watch trick

Without a watch, the performer can give the exact time at any moment !!!

The card on the human wall

It is the classic trick of the card on the wall but in this presentation, you ask a spectator to help you and he becomes a human wall. And in order to stop the cards from falling all over, you place between A and B.
Then you do the trick.
One card is chosen by a spectator (out of a poker size pack of cards) and replaced in the pack.
You will find the card by throwing the whole pack on the «wall». The chosen car will end stuck on the wall (picture A).
Then you offer spectator (out of a bridge size pack of cards) and replaced cards, springing them on the wall.
At the end of this move, the second chosen card will remain on the wall; the first card has disapeared. Everything can be examined.

Impossible is not french

A card, placed on the table, on its edge, stays in this weird position with no apparent support. As spectator is challenged to duplicate the effect; without any success.
The more you do it, the more you increase the effect.

Prestidigitational prediction

The performer writes a prediction during which time a spectator shuffles a pack of cards. One of the cards is freely selected and the performer, without looking at the face of the card, throws it into a book, as he riffles the pages.
The spectator is then requested to concentrate on the first few words of the page at which the card was found.
After due concentration, the performer succeeds in divining the words which he reveals in his best dramatic manner.
The prediction is then read disclosing the name of the chosen card.

King of yoyo

This is more a gag than a trick.
Aren’t you tired to see all those kids playing skilfully with this stupid invention?
Then follow my advice and become the «king of yoyo» in a minute, without any boring rehersal!


A prediction is given to a spectator.
5 objects are placed on the table and covered with a scarf.
You turn your back to the audience and ask a spectator to grab an object under the scarf, he just has to keep it hidden in his fist and say «I have one».
Then you say « put it hidden in your right side pocket», and the spectator does it. You repeat the same action with the 5 objects; at one moment you say «put this object in your left side pocket».
Of course, all that is done with your back turned so you have no idea of which object the spectator is holding; in fact you can do the trick blindfolded.
At the end, the spectator has 4 objects in his right pocket and only one in the left one.
Then you ask him to open the prediction and he reads «at the end of the experience you will have only the ring in your left pocket».
The prediction is of course a hundred percent correct and everything can be given for examination.
As they say in the ads, a one man effect, no stooge, no electronic, no fake object no nail writer no switch, in one word, nearly nothing…

S.T.O.W.R.C.T (Stands for Signed, Torn, Oil, Water, Restored, Card, Trick)

Two cards ( a red one and a black one) are both signed by you and a spectator. One of the two cards is chosen and becomes the «magic card».
Then both cards are openly torn in many pieces. You take haphazardly some pieces in each hand.
At this moment, you open your right hand, to reveal some red and black separate pieces of cards.
Without any suspect move, you close both hands, do a magic gesture, open again the right hand in which is only now all the pieces of the «non- magic card». ( This is the oil and water part of the trick).
Then, you open the left hand, blow on the pieces in this hand, and slowly open the «magic signed card», fully restored; you can give this card as a souvenir to the spectator.

Potty bicycle pumps

This is Gaetan’s original, and the method differs greatly from the one also marketed by Paul Stone of Ace Place Magic, although the efffect is similar.
There are several moves which can only be done with this set up, and it is these moves that have helped to make «Potty Bicycle Pumps» such an original and entertaining effect.
The superb Atwork by James Hodges makes the whole routine easy to follow.


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